Daniel Jackson is a professional Vocal coach and Singing Instructor with ten years experience teaching lessons in Folsom, Davis and Roseville California.

About Me

I have spent the last seventeen years studying voice under the top vocal coaches from across the country learning the most effective and cutting edge vocal techniques ever developed.

Using these techniques and experience, I have trained thousands of singers voices and developed a revolutionary teaching approach based upon vocal technique, style technique, and emotional expression.


  • IVTOM Mentor Instructor & Accredited Mix Teacher 2015-2020.
  • Voiceworks Associate Instructor 2019.
  • Physiological Voice Pedagogy Certificate 2018.
  • Education Director & Certified Senior Singing Instructor: SING INC 2010-2015.
  • SLS Education Advisory Group Member for Northern California 2007 & 2008.
  • Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor 2005-2011.
  • Co-Founder: The Voice Training Studio 2006.

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Daniel Jackson

Professional Singing Instructor

  • Professional Vocal Instructor with extensive experience in Private Vocal Instruction and the development of highly effective Vocal Instructor Education.
  • Expert in vocal pedagogy with years of experience working with beginning to advanced voices.
  • Proven ability to tailor lessons to each particular students voice and ability to achieve proven results.
  • Compassionate, inspiring, and trustworthy educator with great interpersonal skills and an excellent reputation.
    Education & Credentials
  • Pre-certified Speech Level Singing Instructor - 2003
  • Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor - Level 1 - 2005
  • Speech Level Singing Education Advisory Team Member - 2007
  • Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor - Level 2 - 2008
  • Speech Level Singing Education Advisory Team Member - 2008
  • Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor - Level 3 - 2010
  • Certified Senior Instructor & Education Director - 2010 - 2014
    Vocal Studies
  • Daniel Jackson has studied voice and vocal pedagogy over the last 17 years under the tutelage of many world renown Vocal Instructors including: Seth Riggs, Dave Stroud, Brett Manning, Lisa Popeil, Dr. Hubert Noè, Daniel Formica, Roccio Guitard, Wendy Parr, John Henny, Dean Kaelin, Greg Enriquez, Jeffrey Skouson, Drew Davis Dawson, Reinhardt Krakow.
    Education Director & Senior Vocal Coach
    SING INC - Roseville / Elk Grove / Granite Bay, Ca: 2010-2014
  • Offered and accepted the position of Education Director.
  • Offered and accepted the position of Senior Instructor.
  • Developed and implemented an instructor education and certification program for new and certified instructors. This included: Curriculum, written material, presentations, classes, class work, study guidelines, testing, certification processes, continued education, and payment structure.
  • Developed and Wrote Instructor education manual used by all instructors as a standard means of written education curriculum.
  • Collaborated with administrative staff to coordinate instructor schedules.
  • Taught new instructors the basics of teaching lessons, voice technique, and effective vocal pedagogy.
  • Designed and constructed many stage props for concerts.
  • Oversaw construction of new studio space to ensure sound deadening effectiveness.
    Vocal Instructor & Co-Founder
    Voice Training Studio - Roseville, Ca: 2006-2011
  • Helped Build studio image and attracted a large student base.
  • Designed and built studio rooms for teaching.
  • Taught Group singing technique classes.
  • Developed strong lasting relationships with students and parents.
  • Managed a studio of clients ranging from beginning to signed performing artists.
  • Assisted students with performance, auditions, shows, and recording.
  • Traveled around the country to study and test with master singing instructors.
  • Taught the Speech Level Singing technique to the exacting standards of the SLS organization.
  • Earned the position of Speech Level Singing Education Advisory Team Member for Northern California for two years running, 2007 & 2008.
  • Directed Master Classes, workshops, and private lessons with master instructors at The Voice Training Studio as the Speech Level Singing (SLS) Northern California Education Advisory Team Member (EAG).
  • Secured and scheduled venues for SLS Master Instructor Events as EAG.
  • Worked with all SLS instructors in Northern california to provide and facilitate their continued education.
  • Communicated between all SLS instructors in Northern California and SLS administrative staff to ensure proper understanding of the communication from SLS to it’s instructors and vice versa.
    Private Voice Instructor
    Self-Employed - Sacramento Ca: 2004-2006
  • Worked with Dave Stroud extensively to gain the knowledge and skill necessary to Become a certified Speech Level Singing Instructor.
  • Started teaching voice using the Speech Level Singing Technique.
  • Developed my own advertising and online image.
  • Formed my first student base.
  • Learned to develop relationships with students.
  • Learned how to be an independent music instructor.

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My Vocal Beginnings

Personally, I struggled with my own voice for years. I tried many different voice techniques and couldn’t find anything that gave me a strong, easy voice with great range. I became frustrated and knew there had to be a special technique that could help me sing the way I dreamed of sounding. I kept searching for the answer until I found an amazing technique called Speech Level Singing, (SLS) which is used by countless Grammy Award winning artists and vocalists in the music industry. I was so amazed by the technique that I decided to become an SLS instructor and teach others this amazing vocal technique.

Now, many years later, after countless hours of training and teaching, I am proud to say that I am an accomplished and well-known Singing Instructor. I love teaching voice and love showing others how to effectively use their own voice, no matter the style they choose to sing. I have to confess, that to this day, I am still every bit as intrigued by the voice and its proper technique as I was to begin with!

-Daniel Jackson

*Disclaimer: I am no longer associated with Speech Level Singing as I have moved on to develop a much more effective and complete singing technique. See here!