Professional Singing Lessons in Folsom, Davis and Roseville California by Master Voice Instructor Daniel Jackson.

Become an Amazing Singer
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Daniel Jackson

Welcome to the website for Master Vocal Coach Daniel Jackson, a professional with over 17 years of experience teaching singers of all ages, levels and styles.

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What students are saying!

  • "Daniel has made me a great singer in the past year and lessons are so much fun!"
    -Christina, Student.

  • "I didn't know how to make my singing voice better, I'm so glad I found Daniel."
    -Mark, Student.

  • "Daniel really helped me sing, lessons are so much fun!"
    -Ainsley, Student.

  • "I really needed help with strain and Daniel really showed me the way!"
    -Jerry, Student.

  • "Daniel is a great teacher and always makes me laugh!"
    -Chloe, Student.

  • "I feel like I progress every lesson and Daniel makes singing fun!"
    -Claire, Student.

  • "I used to be so nervous singing in front of my family, but not anymore!"
    -Josh, Student.

  • "Lessons are really fun and I have become a stronger singer!"
    -Kristen, Student.

  • "My voice has improved so much since I started taking lessons!"
    -Melena, Student.

  • "Daniel is a great mentor, I really like his focus during lessons!"
    -Adrian, Student.

  • "I had a hard time with high notes and now its become so much easier to sing them!"
    -Nina, Student.

Effective and Fun!

As a master vocal coach with a sense of humor, I have the ability to instantly assess any students voice and personality, allowing me to confidently guide students towards vocal success.

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Mentorship with confidence

Taking singing lessons can be a bit daunting for many people, that is why I strive to develop a strong relationship with all my students built on trust, compassion and determination.

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Vocal Technique & Performance Coaching

As a passionate coach I have spent years traveling all over the U.S. to learn the most effective and proven vocal techniques ever created, I bring these and other great skills I've developed to each lesson, ensuring every student is given the best vocal education possible.

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