Professional Singing Lessons in Rosevile Grove California, Folsom California, Davis California and Roseville California by Vocal Coach Daniel Jackson.

What students are saying about lessons!

What students are saying!

"Dan is a consummate teacher: inspiring, supportive, upbeat, really knows his stuff--I have noticed a marked difference in my vocal ability after only a few lessons. He has pointed out and taught me things I've never heard or learned from any other vocal coach. I also love how optimistic and energetic I feel after lessons-all-in-all a great experience! Five stars plus!!"

- Catherine, Adult performing vocalist.

"Daniel Jackson is a great coach! I have found that I have better control of my voice and have made it stronger each lesson. Not only are the lessons helpful but they are also fun. Daniel lets the student pick their own songs and that makes it very enjoyable!"

- Meseret, 13.

"Daniel is a solid coach. He's taken the time to understand my specific goals and is working with me to achieve them. He's also flexible and open to take different approaches to getting me to feel and understand how to develop good habits and change old ones. He's very patient and also sets realistic goals and practice patterns to get there. I would confidently and highly recommend anyone who wants to improve and develop their singing skills."

- Jerry, Adult performing vocalist.

"Outstanding! Structured and Encouraging. Daniel, connects and instructs at a high level with any age and ability."

- Dan, Parent of 14 year old student.

"It's amazing what Daniel has done for my daughter in a very short amount of time. He has a specific method that he uses that has drastically improved tone, power, range, and CONFIDENCE! He's the best!"

- Jodi, Parent of 15 year old student.

"Daniel is an Outstanding voice instructor. We have been looking around for a good voice instructor for my teenage son. His style of teaching has greatly improved my son's musical voice as well motivated, challenged and brought out his vocal chords with a much improved tone. My son very much looks forward to his weekly voice lessons! I highly recommend this voice instructor!"

- Jackie, Parent of 14 year old student.

"Daniel has been working with my 10-yr-old daughter for less than a year and to see (and hear) her improvement is amazing. He is professional, patient, and focused in his work. I would recommend him to anyone, young or old, looking to improve all aspects of their voice, including performance."

- Desiree, Parent of 10 year old student.

"Five stars are not enough to show how much Daniel has helped my voice develop over the years. Not only is he an amazing vocal coach, but also a wonderful mentor and friend to me. I look forward to every lesson with him. He makes the entire experience so much fun. Thank you for everything, Daniel!"

- Chrsitina, 16.

"I took several vocal lessons with Daniel and noticed improvement right from the start. Daniel was able to identify my trouble areas very quickly and gave me exercises to help strengthen my voice. The lessons are no-nonsense. Daniel gets right to the good stuff, focusing on the songs in my repertoire, rather than other material or just exercises. Daniel was encouraging, but honest. I left each lesson feeling good ab out my singing, but also focused on the ways I can improve.

Daniel was always on time and has a great setup for recording each lesson, which was really nice. You get to keep the lesson to listen to again! The only minor down side is the parking around Watermelon Music in Davis, which can be a hassle. So make sure you get there a bit early.

I only paused my lessons to save some extra cash for my anniversary. Can't wait to get back to our lessons!"

- Bryan, 21.

"Daniel is talented and has a great personality. My 13 year old son enjoys his time with him and looks forward to his sessions"

- Barbara, Parent of 13 year old student.

"He had my daughter singing better and enjoying challenging herself in the very 1st lesson! I'm glad we found Daniel here in Folsom!"

- Stephaine, Parent of 15 year old student.

"Working with Daniel has been so great I've learned so much and improved so much. He has taught me so many great things about singing and I hope to learn so much more!"

- Melena, 15.

"Daniel is an incredible coach! He is patient, encouraging, but all the while truthful about the path you are currently on and what it will take to get to the top! He is exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to vocal training and technique. If you are looking for a trained professional in the vocal arena, he's your guy! I promise!"

- Aidan, 23.

"Daniel not only coaches well, but explains the reasoning behind certain aspects of the lesson. He's patient and pushes/encourages you to do better. He makes your errors into positives and has never made a disparaging or discouraging remark--always positives. He has a great sense of humor also."

- Steven, 50's.

"Working with Daniel has been awesome. I have had little experience in singing but he has helped me improve and notice the difference in my voice. The warms not only help to get you ready for your song but are training exercises for your voice. Recorded lessons also let you go back and see where you are at vocally as well as practice."

- James, 27.

"I took my first voice lesson with Daniel about 6 months ago. A week ago, I compared the recording of that lesson with one of the recent recordings and I noticed the improvement in my voice. In addition to being patient and encouraging, Daniel has always been prepared and organized for every single lesson. He is focused on getting you from point A to point B."

- Khush, 25.

"Daniel Jackson has helped my voice improve so much and has helped me learn the correct technique. I came to him for lessons after taking almost 3 years off singing and Daniel makes sure that every week I progress a little bit.

After only a couple lessons I could personally tell that my range had increased and it feels easier to sing. Daniel makes sure you are singing songs that you love and he is fun to be around!"

- Lynsie, 18.

"Daniel is an amazing voice coach. I had some technical training before he became my instructor but I have learned more from him in a little over a year then all my other years of training combined. He is always super friendly and will always explain concepts or ideas that you don't understand."

- Kaytie, 13.

"So I came to Daniel looking to learn how to sing. After my first lesson, I appreciated his honesty with me. He told me this wouldn't be a fast process and that made things a lot more clear for me. I've been with him for about 4 months now I feel like I've learned a lot. My family and friends have noticed a difference in the way I speak. They say It's a lot clearer. As for my singing, I'm definitely a lot more aware about about lots of things. I don't consider my self good yet, but I feel like he has given me the tools I need to improve."

- Adrian, 22.